Our Customers

We serve a global customer base. See below for a look at countries with organizations that are using Robota UAV systems and drone technologies.


Our products are used daily to fly thousands of acres. Our customers have countless success stories, hear it from them.

“The Goose autopilot has been our workhorse, allowing us to achieve over 1,000 hours of autonomous flight and photograph over 350,000 hectares.”
-Aerobots S.A. 2015

“We bought our Triton to show agricultural and forestry researchers what can be done with small inexpensive UASs. We have been very impressed with our Robota Triton’s reliability, durability, ease-of-use, ability to switch payloads easily, stability, and utility. The training, service, and user support have been excellent.

We have used our Triton to date to image cotton and soybeans with both visible and multispectral cameras. We shocked ourselves and a major agroscience company with the ability to see cotton bolls on non-defoliated cotton. With the imagery we captured at 400 foot, a classification algorithm was easily able to count cotton bolls in defoliated fields and show the spatially varying yield expected from an experiment.”
-Mississippi State University 2014

“RPFlightSystems, Inc. has been using the Robota Goose exclusively for years now. It is without a doubt, the most reliable, consistent flight control systems that we have used our Spectra and Vigilant line of aircraft. Continued development and improvement of this product ensures that we will continue to use the Goose for all future autopilot needs.”
-RP Flight Systems 2015