Ground Control System

Ground Control System
Ground Control System
Ground Control System

The Robota GCS (Ground Control System) is the intuitive interface that commands our vehicles and Goose autopilot.

Flight planning can be performed by simply clicking waypoints on a map, or by dropping search patterns over the area of interest, just define overlap and altitude. Easily make changes to the flight plan and landing while in flight and send commands to the vehicle. Alternatively, a flight plan can be imported from Google Earth with a KMZ file. Select the preferred background map, Microsoft Satellite, Open Street Map or overlay custom images, even add a map that was processed by Agisoft Photoscan. Flight plan statistics are also presented to indicate the flight length and duration to facilitate planning.

Real time telemetry of the UAV’s vitals, battery remaining, altitude, airspeed and fail-safe conditions are all clearly displayed and logged.


  • Tablet Compatible, with Windows 8
  • Add, adjust, delete waypoints, orbits, search patterns and airstrip at any time
  • Import KMZ flight plans
  • Add waypoint triggers
  • Automatically downloads map or use custom maps
  • Hud with airspeed and altitude display
  • CSV data logging
  • Setup Fail-safes
  • Displays and logs image capture data
  • Voice prompts

Our GCS takes the guesswork out of using the UAV. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss how the GCS system can simplify your UAV flying and improve your aerial mapping needs.