Unmanned Vehicles

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Mapping Systems

  • Production 2019
    Support Level: Supported

    • Increased durability from legacy design
    • 59 and 90 minute flight options
    • RTK L1 L2 and PPK GPS Positioning
    • Multiple payload options
    • User replaceable high wear parts
  • Production 2016 – 2018
    Support Level: Supported

    • First in-house design
    • Hand-launched takeoff, skid land with removable landing skid
    • 3lb flying weight
    • Small field landing with reverse thrust capability
    • Can cover nearly 400 acres per 50-minute flight
    • Multiple payload options
    • RTK GPS Positioning
    • Tool-free assembly

    Specifications / RTK Specifications

  • Production 2013-2016
    Support Level: Supported

    • Runway Takeoff and landing
    • Up to 1.5 hr flight time
    • UP to 2 lb payload capability
    • Water landing option
  • Production 2011- 2017
    Support Level: Supported

    • Hand-launched takeoff, skid or runway land with gear
    • 3 lb flying weight
    • up to 40 minute flight time
    • Multiple payloads
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