How to Quickly Get Coordinates for Ground Control Points

Updated: Mar 11

Using the RoboDot, it's easy to obtain precise coordinates for ground control points (GCPs). Here's how.

You may choose to mount the RoboDot on a monopole, bipod or place it directly on the point of interest to take a PPK rover shot. First, turn RoboDot on, connect your wifi-enabled device to it, and enter Rover Mode.

RoboDot Over GCP

Place the RoboDot over the GCP. If you have a rod, before taking your first shot, enter the rod height in meters, then take the shot. Label it if you have to. Repeat this for every point that you need to identify.

RoboDot Rover Mode

When all the shots are taken, stop recording data on the status page. Download the observation file and shot file for post-processing.

Finally, run the RoboDot Utility, selecting PPK Rover. Enter a base observation file, downloadable from the nearest CORS station or a local base station, such as another RoboDot that would have been recording in Base Mode while rover shots were taken. Also, enter the observation and shot list files downloaded from RoboDot after the measurement operation and press start. After the process is complete, the Utility will generate a shot list CSV file. This file can be easily viewed and used with aerial photogrammetry software or your preferred CAD package.

RoboDot Utility PPK Tools

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