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Drone Mapping for Agronomy and Forestry

Canopy Penetration

Drone photogrammetry for agronomy and forestry is a method used to collect accurate data measurements so stockholders can make informed decisions about the future of their investment.


Our agronomy and forestry measuring equipment consists of laser technology applied to unmanned aircraft, which opens the door to fast and accurate measurements of 3D topography even in challenging terrains and structures.  Lasers that use multiple returns greatly increase the possibility of measuring points on the ground versus points on vegetation, which makes LIDAR particularly useful in congested terrain.


The forest environment has traditionally been slow to navigate and measure. With direct measurement LIDAR on drones, dense forests can be measured from tree top to floor with centimeter level accuracy.  Using the point cloud outputs, tree diameters and quantities can easily be measured and reported, giving the stockholder the ability to make informed decisions.


With the RoboDot GNSS reference station, precision measuring is more convenient and accessible than ever. RoboDot connects to photogrammetry drones for precision forestry and agronomy to collect data readings. RoboDot’s level of durability, efficiency, and accuracy is unmatched. The unique shape it possesses minimizes setup time, and it can run for up to ten hours per charge, offering you the most from a forestry measurement tool.


ScanTron is a compact device that utilizes LIDAR drone technology to provide users with direct, accurate measurements with the use of a laser. The technology this LIDAR forestry and agronomy application possesses enables the device to capture 3D data even in areas of dense forestry and vegetation.

Interested in learning more about drone photogrammetry for agronomy and forestry? Contact us today for more information about our user-friendly applications related to precision forestry and agronomy.

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