Professional Photogrammetric Mapping

Efficiency with Precision

Flying and mapping large areas is easy with the Eclipse professional photogrammetry UAV.  Its users can quickly collect accurate spatial data, and we are here with the support to ensure that they do.  


Eclipse has been designed with unmatched specifications targeting large area precision land surveys in mind, including centimeter level precision GNSS with PPK capabilities and long range 900 MHz connectivity that does not depend on cellular networks. The vehicle's performance can last up to 100 minutes with select battery pack options.



Eclipse 2.0 is deigned for configurable payloads including Sony, Micasense, and FLIR cameras.​


Land surveying productivity is ensured thanks to 100 min flight endurance combined with long communications range and high resolution Sony - up to 700 acres can be mapped at 1.3 inches per pixel resolution per flight at 400 feet altitude.  Eclipse is the ideal tool for large land surveys, topography, geology, planimetrics and cadastre applications.


Eclipse 2.0 is not only built to withstand abuse, it is also the only portable fixed wing drone available with a detachable landing skid for use in the roughest environments.  Coupled with reverse thurst for landings in tight spaces, Eclipse can be used in almost any site.  

Control Software

The Robota GCS (Ground Control System) is the intuitive interface for live mission planning and vehicle monitoring.


Simple yet powerful, novice pilots can quickly get started with our intuitive interface while advanced features await.  Controlling drones has never been easier.


Convenient, reliable and portable transport is provided by our rugged transport case. Fly up to 6.5hr with the batteries allotted.  Everything you need to start mapping is in the box and can be assembled in a minute with no tools required.


Ground Sampling Distance

1.3 Inches @ 400ft

Mapping Area RX100

400 to 700 acres

GNSS Frequencies


Flight Time

59, 80, 100 minutes

Transport case

35.32 x 17.88 x 17.88 in



Max Wind

28 mph


PPK Precision

Communication Range

5+ miles


RTK Precision


Environment Protection

Decision Making and Record Keeping

Mining & Aggregates

Safe and Productive

Agronomy & Forestry

Efficiency and Inventory

Surveying & Mapping

Fast and Accurate

Engineering & Construction

Plan and Verify

Optional Outputs

Contour Lines

.dxf .dwg .shp

Digital Surface Model


Point Cloud

.las .laz .ply .ascii

Vegetation Index




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