GNSS Reference Station

Novel Referencing Solution

RoboDot is a GNSS receiver that makes precision measurement accessible with a simple and affordable design. There are multiple ways to use it in mapping, surveying, and navigation applications. It is durable, has a flexible user interface, and novel features that decrease setup time.

Multi Use

Use it as an RTK Base station and send corrections over WiFi with its NTRIP server or directly connect via USB. RoboDot also supports data logging for PPP workflows with online processors like OPUS. Alternatively, RoboDot operates as a smart ground control point in photogrammetry applications.


Robust, and backed by our 12-month manufacturer warranty, RoboDot is equipped to handle real-world conditions.  It's IP67 enclosure blocks dust and water ingress to a depth of 1-meter.


With runtimes over 10 hrs per charge, you can have confidence in RoboDot through the workday. When longer observation times are required, an external USB power source can provide nonstop operation.

Unique Shape

The RoboDot has a unique shape that minimizes setup time.  It's built-in locating tool and centering reference marks enable speedy deployment over a nail, vertex, or painted control marker. Traditional tripod mounting is also supported, but when placed directly on the ground, RoboDot serves as a ground control point in photogrammetry applications. It's standard dimensions, .5ft by .1ft provide a scale during the post-processing phase.



12 oz (340 gram)

Operating Modes

Base Station, Logger

Logging Memory


Communication Port

USB Type C

Operating Temp

-10 to 65  ºC


Agronomy & Forestry

Canopy Penetration

Environment Protection

Decision Making and Record Keeping


Position Data


Correction Data


Observation Data

RINEX .obs, .nav

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