Engineering & Construction
Plan and Verify


Aerial imagery drones help engineers plan projects during pre-construction or bidding phases.  Even in the completion phases, UAVs can be used to verify as built construction.


Fixed wing drones are ideal tools for managing earthworks projects. The elevation map output from drone data can be used to effectively track quantities, understand cut and fill volumes and most importantly stay on schedule.


Monitoring infrastructure and right of ways can be solved with aerial imagery from drones.  Using an orthomosiaic to evaluate overgrowth and intrusions into a right of way is a much vaster way to evaluate large areas of terrain versus watching long videos or notes from a visual observer.


Accurate drone data of a construction site can be used in all phases, including the completion phase.  Since drone data is on demand, covering the as built results of a construction site can be obtained quickly at the end of a project in order to document the project and demonstrate accuracy of the deliverable.

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