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RoboDot Touch

Multi Use

RoboDot Touch is the epitome of versatility in RTK GNSS technology, serving multiple roles to meet diverse geospatial needs. It functions flawlessly as an RTK GPS base station, broadcasting corrections via WiFi with NTRIP, UDP, or through its built-in 915 MHz LoRa radio. Additionally, RoboDot supports RTK Rover mode, which enables real-time kinematic positioning by receiving corrections through an NTRIP connection over the internet or directly via LoRa radio.

For enhanced utility, RoboDot also acts as a repeater, receiving data from a remote base via LoRa and creating an NTRIP interface for extended coverage. The device's robust data logging capabilities facilitate PPP workflows with online processors such as OPUS, making it an indispensable tool for precision surveying, mapping, GIS applications, accident reconstruction, and machine control navigation.


Designed to thrive in challenging environments, the RoboDot Touch is as robust as it is reliable. Each unit comes with a comprehensive 12-month manufacturer warranty, ensuring peace of mind and support when you need it. The device is protected by an IP55-rated enclosure, which effectively shields it from dust and resists water ingress, making it well-suited for demanding fieldwork where exposure to the elements is inevitable.

Efficient Power Management

The RoboDot Touch is designed for endurance. With a battery life exceeding 8 hours on a single charge, it reliably supports a full day's work without interruption. For tasks demanding extended observation periods, the device can be powered continuously via an external USB power source, ensuring nonstop operation and unparalleled productivity.

RoboNet VRS Service Integration

Enhance the RoboDot Touch's capabilities with our competitively priced RoboNet VRS service add-on, which offers 3cm to 6cm vertical accuracy when used in rover mode. RoboNet simplifies initial setup by eliminating the need for a known point during base station establishment. This feature streamlines mapping missions, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Activating RoboNet is effortless—simply toggle a switch in the settings to connect to the service and start experiencing precision like never before.


The RoboDot Touch is equipped with dual-mode WiFi functionality, serving both as an access point and a station. This feature ensures seamless compatibility with any NTRIP-capable rover, making it a versatile choice for integration with RoboDot base stations. Additionally, RoboDot can be effortlessly controlled using any browser-enabled device, including iPhones, Android phones, PCs, Macs, Linux systems, and DJI drone controllers. For extended range requirements, the RoboDot Touch supports optional 915 MHz LoRa radios, enhancing its functionality as a base, rover, or repeater. Its innovative touch screen interface provides instant feedback and operational control, eliminating the need for external device connections, streamlining field operations and offering enhanced situational awareness.

RoboDot is easy to interface

Precise Multi-band RTK GPS Receiver


Robota Weight Icon


172 grams

RoboDot Runtime Icon

Run Time

8+ hrs

Robota Wireless RoboDot

Wireless Communication

Optional - 915 MHz Lora

Robota PPK Icon


PPK Precision

RoboDot GNSS Frequencies

GNSS Frequencies

L1C/A, L2C, L1OF, L2OF, E1B/C, E5b, B1I

RoboDot Size Icon


2.2 x 2.2 x 2.3 + Antenna

RoboDot GNSS Constellations

GNSS Constellations

GPS GLONASS Galileo BeiDou

Robota RTK Icon


RTK Precision

Robota Touch NTRIP Options



RoboDot UI Icon

User Interface

Web App, Touch Screen

RoboDot Wifi Icon

Wireless Communication

2.4 GHz WIFI AP and Station

Robota Touch NTRIP Options


Server (Base) or Client (Rover)

RoboDot Storage

Logging Memory


Robota Power Icon


USB Type C 5v, 1A

RoboDot Ingress protection

Ingress protection


RoboDot Modes

Operating Modes

Base Station, Rover, Logger, Repeater

Robota Goose autopilot updates over the air




Drone Mapping for Construction Engineers

Plan and Verify

Drone Mapping for Mining and Aggregates

Safe and Productive

Drone Photogrammetry for Land Surveying and Mapping

Fast and Accurate


RoboDot RTCM output

Correction Data


Robota Cloud Processing

Formatted Position Data

Cloud Processed Option SPC,UTM,XYZ

RoboDot PPK/RTK Rover Shot List

Rover Position Data

Shot List File .sht (csv)

RoboDot PPK Output

PPK Position Data

Coordinates File .csv

RoboDot Output Files

Observation Data

RINEX .obs, .nav Files

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