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About Robota

Since 2011

The Belief

As a company, Robota believes that automation and measurement technology can help organizations improve their data collection in order to make more informed decisions with economical benefits. We help organizations achieve their vision by producing reliable, productive, and intuitive automation and measurement solutions accompanied by excellent ongoing customer support.  We have pursued our mission since 2011, producing drones that have satisfied operators in large area land surveying with photogrammetry and continue to add new measurement technologies to our solutions along the way.


The Journey

Robota’s inception came in 2006 when its founder, Antonio Liska, developed a unique taste of what unmanned aerial systems could offer to commercial markets. At the time, Antonio was working for a military systems manufacturer, commercial drones were unheard of, and affordable flight controllers did not exist.  He realized that unmanned aircraft could better serve humanity in vast applications outside of the military world. Sensing that he could better meet the needs of the commercial markets on his own, he left the military systems manufacturer and took the risk to start his own company.

After years of careful development, Robota began production of the Goose drone autopilot and Triton UAV mapping system for photogrammetry applications in 2011.  The Triton vehicle was based on an RC model, the Apprentice.  While effective, it was difficult to support and deliver a product without controlling the design, manufacture, and availability of the most critical parts.  Through customer requests and feedback, the Eclipse mapping solution was born.


Unwavering commitment to technical excellence has resulted in a combination of functionality and affordability unmatched in the drone industry. We are excited to be in this ever-expanding field and providing real-world solutions to measurement and data acquisition challenges across various industries.


A frequently asked question

Robota is a Czech word for “hard work” or “drudgery”. The Czech writer, Karel Čapek made popular the word robot in his 1920’s play, Rossum’s Universal Robots.


As founder of Robota, Antonio (who is of Czech descent) thought it appropriate to name the company after the many years of hard work invested in developing cutting-edge UAV solutions.


The name also refers to the standard that Robota’s products provide; our automated measurement systems are ready and able to do the heavy lifting, day in and day out.


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