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Powerful Autopilot

The Goose autopilot’s name suggests a similarity with the robust bird capable of long duration flights and intelligent flight behaviors. Its compact and versatile design is the result of years of development and testing. Modular variants, allow for clean custom installations after initial integration has taken place.

As new developments are made, updates to the autopilot system are easily applied over the air so you are always flying with the latest features.


A variety of  vehicles can be controlled by the Goose including:

  • Fixed Wing UAVs

  • Multrotor UAVs

  • Parafoil UAVs

  • Unmanned Surface Vehicles USV

Control Software

The Robota GCS (Ground Control System) is the intuitive interface for live mission planning and vehicle monitoring.


Simple yet powerful, novice pilots can quickly get started with our intuitive interface while advanced features await.  Controlling drones has never been easier.




Remote Control

Spektrum TX/RX


Serial @115200 baud

Payload Supply

3.5 to 8 V @800 mAh


2.6 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches

(469) 775-9660

M-F: 8 to 6 CST

5015 Voyager Dr, Dallas, TX 75237, USA

32.684547, -96.864713 (WGS-84)

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