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NTRIP Corrections

RoboNode receives corrections from RoboDot in RTK Base mode over LoRa. Corrections are made available over NTRIP by connecting to RoboNode WIFI access point. Any rover with WIFI and NTRIP capabilities can connect to RoboNode.

RoboNode is a LoRa radio with NTRIP over WIFI

Base Extender

Use more than one RoboNode to simultaneously provide corrections to RTK rovers on the ground, RTK drones, and handheld photogrammetry tools from a single base station.

RoboNode can be used with drones and ground rovers

RTK GPS Base Extender


RoboDot Wired Coms

Communication Port

USB Type C

Robota Power Icon


USB Type C 5v, 1A

RoboDot Temperature Range

Operating Temp

-10 to 65  ºC

Robota Goose autopilot updates over the air



RoboDot UI Icon

User Interface

Web App

RoboDot Wifi Icon

Wireless Communication

2.4 GHz WIFI AP and Station

RoboDot Runtime Icon

Run Time

10+ hrs


Drone Mapping for Environment Protection

Decision Making and Record Keeping

Drone Mapping for Mining and Aggregates

Safe and Productive

Forestry and Agricultural Drone Survey

Efficiency and Inventory

Drone Photogrammetry for Land Surveying and Mapping

Fast and Accurate

Drone Mapping for Construction Engineers

Plan and Verify


RoboDot RTCM output

Correction Data

RTCM3 via USB, 3v TTL, or NTRIP

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