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Navigation and Measurement Solutions

Surveying and Navigation Solutions

Automation of Traditional Techniques

RoboDot Touch GPS Rover Base Repeater

Precise Multi-band RTK GPS Receiver

RoboDot Touch is a state-of-the-art, multi-band RTK GNSS receiver engineered for exceptional precision and versatility. Designed to cater to professionals in surveying, mapping, GIS, accident reconstruction, and navigation, this receiver guarantees centimeter-level accuracy. Its robust design ensures consistent, reliable performance across diverse environmental conditions. Whether in the field or in urban canyons, RoboDot Touch delivers the pinpoint accuracy required for critical positioning and data collection.

Robota Eclipse 2.0 Product Picture

RTK Drone

Eclipse 2.0 Fixed wing high precision photogrammetry based mapping tool for efficiently measuring large areas with up to 100 minutes per flight. Eclipse supports RTK and PPK workflows.

Robota RoboGlow Light Show Drone

Drone Light Show System

RoboGlow is a highly portable, easily deployable, and precise light show system that amazes viewers and draws attention to your message.


Drone Autopilot

Goose is a navigation solution for unmanned vehicles. Achieve fast time to market with our development kits covering parasail, surface vessel, fixed wing or multirotor platforms.

Pix4D Logo

Photogrammetry Software for Drone Mapping

We support a variety of photogrammetry software products that are accurate and effective at processing digital images to generate 3D spatial data and models.

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At Robota, it’s our mission to democratize automated precision tools by providing easy-to-use, effective and affordable navigation and measurement solutions.  Robota prides itself in creating products with workflows that are repeatable, reliable, and robust. Some of our offerings include RTK drones, drone autopilots, and RTK GNSS receivers for surveying and mapping with photogrammetry or LIDAR. 

Since 2011, our navigation and measurement solutions have improved workflows in industries including (but not limited to):

  • Engineering, construction, and mitigation

  • Accident reconstruction

  • Agronomy and forestry 

  • Mining and aggregates 

  • Geographical information systems

Our innovative RTK GPS Receiver provides precision land surveying with a focus on Photogrammetry and LIDAR workflows. RoboDot makes precision measurement accessible to everyone because of its competitive price point and user-friendliness.

Robota specializes in serving organizations that can benefit from combining our measurement and navigation technologies with photogrammetry for the purpose of land surveying. Contact us today to learn more about how our surveying and navigation solutions can improve your workflow.

Explore our blog or reach out to see how our positioning technology can help you achieve your measurement goals. 

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