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First Certificate of Excellence Awarded

The Robota team is proud to deliver the first Certificate of Excellence to Alejandro Gomez from Aerobots in Guatemala. Over the past 4 years, he is the lead integrator of Robota’s Goose autopilot into their proprietary long endurance platform.

Alejandro earns the first award for demonstrating his skills in UAV flight management, troubleshooting, training and discipline. He’s soared 1107.7 flight hours in 837 flights on two proprietary vehicles as well as the Robota Eclipse. The majority of his flights are beyond line of sight (BVLOS), reaching as far as 50 km from the Ground Control Station. His mapping missions cover an average of 500 hectares at a time. While most flights operated from a single Ground Control Station near Guatemala’s Pacific coast, Alejandro also managed a mobile base station to reach areas that are too far from the primary operation point. Another contribution he’s made is, his successful integration of the Goose autopilot into new vehicles. He’s sharing his experiences with other pilots through ground checking and flight planning training.

UAV operating radius, robota.
BVLOS Operating Radius

His missions primarily map and survey agricultural fields, acquire sugar cane imagery and deliver diverse data products to sugar producers. His company’s capabilities include delivering vegetation indices, elevation models, artificial intelligence-based pest analysis and disperse biological control agents. These capabilities increase productivity for Guatemala, the world’s 4th largest exporter of sugar.

Aerial Imagery with AI based image classification
Artificial intelligence based weed detection.

Alejandro also piloted unique missions to include mapping 10,000 hectares of Guatemala’s recent devastating Fuego volcano eruption. He states, “There is a tendency to believe that since the technology is working well and confidently, there is no reason to continue investigating and adapting to new technologies. Yet, as technology advances, we ask how can we apply it to benefit a product or project.”

Guatemalan Fuego volcano survey aftermath
3D terrain of Fuego eruption aftermath

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