Robota Awards the Certificate of Excellence to Mark Paulson

Mark Paulson and the Antonios during a visit to H7.

26 Feb 19:  Robota awards the prestigious Certificate of Excellence to UAV Eclipse pilots that combine hundreds of hours of flight time in difficult flight conditions for various industry specific applications.  The award is given to Mark Paulson with Vertical Aspect. Mark and his late business partner Jeff Campbell received the first Robota Eclipse production model in February 2016.

Since then, Mark has countless flights testing, demonstrating and validating the Eclipse’s aerial surveying capabilities from the RPLS – Registered Professional Land Surveyor perspective.  Mark has a natural appetite for discovery, fueling his desire to learn and improve, making him very knowledgeable in his field. His excitement for aerial surveying with photogrammetry is supported by its contrast in efficiency to traditional methods.  

Mark and Jeff combined their strengths and started Vertical Aspect in 2014.  Vertical Aspect helps engineering companies and surveyors adopt UAV technology.  The company trains users on operating aerial platforms, professional processing software and surveying processes.  Vertical Aspect’s training methodologies quickly and proficiently introduce novices to aerial surveying.

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