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How RoboDot Nails Drone Light Shows

RoboDot RTK/PPK Base and Rover is a GNSS receiver mainly used in mapping and surveying applications in photogrammetry. However, RoboDot has capabilities beyond its primary application. RoboDot outputs RTCM3 GNSS corrections, so it has many uses, including in control applications involving navigation in robotics. RoboDot works in conjunction with our RoboGlow Light Show Drone system, which provides each show drone with centimeter-level accuracy. Light show drones follow a pre-programmed flight path, which typically display artwork. When the drones are tasked to display company logos or text, precision is of the utmost requirement. If a drone's positional accuracy is low, the artwork may disappoint or be completely incomprehensible. In mapping and surveying, RoboDot is used to correct the location of the image's geolocation.

In contrast, with light show drones, RoboDot is used to provide the best navigational accuracy. The GNSS corrections supplied by RoboDot are so effective that only one RoboDot can provide corrections to hundreds of light show drones simultaneously. RoboDot's RTCM3 output is fed to each drone, providing robust and accurate navigational capability in light show drone formations.

Contact us for details on RoboDot or RoboGlow. If you are just interested in a drone light show, reach out to a drone light show service like Drone Show Guys.

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