Robota Expands into Urban Air Mobility

Updated: Mar 14

Robota has been quietly working on an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solution, originally scheduled for release in Q4 2020, is being offered today due to unforeseen success.


This blog post was published in the spirit of April Fools' 2020.


Some of the challenges facing UAM engineers include creating safe electric hovering vehicles that can move more than one individual, at a significant speed for a significant distance, enough to out pace ground transportation. Robota has solved many of the issues that present themselves in UAM by targeting only the smallest passengers, namely, children under 25lbs. Robota's solution leverages proven technology, as demonstrated by Uber and Instacart transportation request apps. By creating its own scheduling app, Drone Daycare, Robota can now link daycare providers to drone operators. Busy parents just need to select the pickup location, typically a yard or driveway, and the desired pickup time. Drone Daycare manages the rest. In order for Drone Daycare to work best, Robota designed a passenger cabin, the Bpod Sanctuary, which provides a secure compartment for the small passengers and peace of mind for parents. Bpods are equipped with sound machines, to completely remove the chances of any discomfort. Drone operators can order Bpods for overnight delivery beginning today, and upon reception, attach them to their heavy lift drones within minutes using the supplied mounting kit. For the passengers security and safety, each Bpod is equipped with Baby Beacon technology, Robota's emergency tracking device which can be activated by stakeholders in an emergency situation. Robota’s proprietary technology, Drone Daycare, Bpods and Baby Beacons have been through rigorous self certification for use in aviation. Recent advances by aviation industry leaders have shown that it is possible, and more cost effective, to use these tricks of the trade in order to bypass older and slower certification methods. Robota's solution comes at a critical time, when parents are increasingly working from home and home schooling their children. Drone Daycare has the power to revolutionize the world as we know it. The burden of dropping the kids off has been eliminated, saving parents hours of extra effort. Will offices still exist? What will parents do with their new found time? At wits' end? Download Robota's Drone Daycare app for Android or IOS and schedule a pickup today!

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