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When RoboDot Tracks Itself in Shipment

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

TLDR; We shipped a RoboDot from Dallas to San Antonio, TX via ground shipping while it was logging observation to highlight the device's soon-to-be-released low power mode and extended operating time. We could have simply logged static observations to show runtime, but this project was selected as an entertaining way to demonstrate it.

RoboDot's low power mode, LPM1, enables up to 22 hours of runtime. During the trip, 14.6hrs of observation data were logged and RoboDot maintained a position fix for most of the trip.

The position quality was surprisingly adequate, given that the RoboDot was double boxed and its placement in the shipping truck was out of our control. While the position results weren't "survey grade", the results were certainly good enough to show RoboDot moving within the Arlington warehouse before departing to San Antonio via I35.

The trip to San Antonio was pretty efficient, with only a few stops between package pickup and delivery. Here's what I noticed:

  • The driver only took one pit stop between Dallas and San Antonio, at loves in Troy TX off 35

  • Arriving in San Antonio, the driver had a quick stop at the shipping center on the east side before heading to the final center on Eckert road where it was loaded on a vehicle for delivery.

  • The package moved without much idle time until reaching the final center, where it spent most of its time.

RoboDot's LPM1 is ideal for long observation periods that don't require wireless communication and when access to power is limited. Reach out to see how RoboDot can help you achieve your measurement goals.

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