We believe that UAV systems can help organizations improve their data collection and solve complex problems, leading to new frontiers in fields such as agriculture, topography, geology, construction, and rescue. We intend to help organizations achieve their vision by producing reliable, productive, and intuitive commercial drones and UAV accessories that are available worldwide and accompanied by excellent ongoing customer support.


Robota’s inception came in 2006 when its founder, Antonio Liska, developed a unique taste of what unmanned aerial systems could offer to commercial markets. At the time, Antonio was working for a military systems manufacturer.  He realized that unmanned aircraft could better serve humanity in vast applications outside of the military world. After realizing that he could better meet the needs of the commercial markets on his own, he left the military systems manufacturer and took the risk to start his own company.

After years of careful development, Robota began production of the Goose autopilot and Triton mapping system in 2011. Years of rigorous testing, ongoing customer feedback, and an unwavering commitment to technical excellence have resulted a combination of functionality and affordability unmatched in the drone industry. We are pleased to be in this ever-expanding field and providing real-world solutions to mapping challenges across various industries.


Customers often ask where the company name originated. Robota is a Czech word for “hard work” or “drudgery”. The Czech writer, Karel Čapek made popular the word robot in his 1920’s play, Rossum’s Universal Robots.

As founder of Robota, Antonio (who is of Czech descent) thought it appropriate to name the company after the many years of hard work invested in developing cutting-edge UAV solutions. The name also refers to the standard that Robota’s products provide; our UAV’s, piloting systems, and cameras are ready and able to do the heavy lifting, day in and day out.

Meet The Team

Antonio Liska
Antonio Liska is Robota’s founder, President, and lead developer of the Eclipse UAV mapping system.

Antonio has over 10 years’ of engineering experience with expertise in embedded systems and flight dynamics. As Robota’s founder, Antonio has spent countless hours working closely with customers to better understand their needs while designing autopilots and aircraft. He has always had a passion for model flight and computing, and the fusion of these two interests fuel his passion for autopilot technology. His first experience with unmanned airplanes was in 2004, when he worked for a military contractor which triggered his interest in developing autopilot technology.

Antonio is a graduate of The University of Texas, where he majored in Aerospace Engineering. He has lived in both the United States and Guatemala, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Brett Briggs
Brett is a mechanical design engineer with 35 years of design experience in the aviation field. He has spent 12 years of his career working with UAV aircraft. In the aircraft industry, he has been involved with head of state interiors, aircraft structure, flight control systems, hydraulic systems, avionics integration, power plant installations, fuel systems, composites, and much more.

Brett has been designing UAV platforms and accessories for our products since 2012. He attended San Antonio College where he studied drafting and other engineering related courses.


John Baczkowski
John is a software developer with a background in business management combined with 10 years’ experience in diversified technology projects. Throughout his career, he has led teams to accomplish goals and completed projects in software architecture, software development, and infrastructure deployment.

John joined Robota in 2015, where he partnered with Antonio to expand Robota’s technology and service capabilities to the enterprise level. John is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University Pomona, where he majored in Computer Science.


Domenica Liska
Domenica Liska is our Sales and Marketing Coordinator with a business administration background from Southern Methodist University. She joined our team in 2015 to support customer relationships and product awareness. She previously worked for 10 years in the oil and gas industry with responsibilities in various downstream functions including Risk Control and Regulatory Reporting.
She takes pride in Robota’s products and looks forward to speaking with you.


Diana Liska
Diana Liska is our Customer Relations Manager with a professional background in Sales and Leadership Development. Diana enjoys building relationships with our clients and finding the right solution for each individual need. She is eager to share Robota’s customized products with everyone and believes that Robota produces the best fixed wing on the market.