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Buying a Complete UAV System vs. Assembling One Yourself

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

If you’re on the market for a UAV system, you have two options: purchasing a complete UAV solution, or building a system yourself out of individual components. Each of these options comes with its own benefits, and it may be hard to know which will best suit your needs.

To help you make the decision, here are the 3 main benefits of each option:

Benefits of Buying a Complete UAV System

Ready to Fly

One of the biggest benefits to purchasing a complete UAV system such as the Robota Eclipse is that you don’t need to become an expert on drone technology to make use of the drone for your needs. A full system, including the aircraft, autopilot, camera, and software, will make it infinitely easier to get started, particularly for those who want to get airborne quickly.

System Compatibility

When you purchase a UAV system, you have a guarantee that all the components of the system were designed and optimized to work together by the manufacturer. If anything goes wrong or you run into compatibility issues, you can always turn to the manufacturer for support.

Product Testing and Ongoing Support

When purchasing a whole UAV system, the user gets a product that has undergone extensive flight time, testing, and quality control to ensure smooth operation. The user also has the benefit of ongoing product support, including updates with fixes from real-world data generated by all users of the product. These benefits allow the user to spend less time fixing and maintaining his UAV system, and more time using it for its intended purpose.

Benefits of Assembling Your Own UAV System

Opportunity for Customization

If you have specialized needs, it’s possible that an off-the-shelf solution that will fulfill your needs may not exist. Building your own system enables you to combine components based on exactly what you need. For example, if you need an ultralight UAV but with a very robust autopilot system, you can do that.

A Learning Experience

If you have the time and interest to learn how UAV technologies work, then building your own system will give you the chance to learn more about how the different components of the system work together, as you calibrate them and run tests to make sure the system is working correctly.

Troubleshooting Know-How

When you’ve assembled your own system and know how the components interact, you’re much more likely to be able to identify and repair issues when they occur, because of your familiarity with the system. Of course, you likely won’t be able to get the level of product support from the manufacturer that you’d receive when purchasing a complete UAV system, so keep that in mind when taking on the project of building your own system.

Not sure whether a complete UAV system or a customized system is better for your needs? We’ll be happy to consult with you to find the best UAV solution for your unique purposes.

We offer both complete UAV solutions and parts that will let you build your own system to your specifications. Contact us below today to get started!

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