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Drone: Friend or Foe?

When presented with a robotic or automated solution to a problem, there are generally two reactions, one of awe and appreciation and another of fear and loathing. How can we have two completely different reactions to a single object? Lets take a look at the thinking behind our impressions.


Some of the common reasons that automation is frowned upon are:

  • This tool will take my job

  • What is my value if this tool can do my job

  • I will have to change or learn something new

  • Do I need this if I already have a proven method


Thinking positively, the antidote to the concerns surrounding robotics and automation can be:

  • This tool will improve my job

  • I can incrase my value if I use this tool to do my job better

  • I knew there was a better way to get the same job done faster

  • I no longer need to burden myself with slower more complex methods

Let's make robotics and automation our friend, and use technology to improve our work and daily lives in areas of efficiency, safety and productivity.

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