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How to replace your correction service with a RoboDot

There are a number of Virtual Reference Station (VRS) services that send correction messages to RTK enabled rovers or drones via the internet. These correction servers come in handy; users don't need to own expensive base station equipment or set up the base station on known coordinates.

While convenient and easy to use, VRS services have some pitfalls and inconveniences:

  • Internet connectivity may be unavailable or unreliable

  • VRS service areas are limited

  • Monthly subscription costs add up

RoboDot solves all of these problems while keeping setup simple. Operating as a local RTK base station, RoboDot provides correction services within a 20 km operating radius, and does not require internet connectivity. With RoboDot you still get the simplicity of connecting to a VRS but without the related subscription costs.

Here's how


First, arrive at your project site. Locate a reference point or set up a new one. Optionally paint a ground control marker where you will place the RoboDot (we provide the stencil). The mark lets you come back to that exact point later.

RoboDot on marker
RoboDot over marker

If the coordinate of the reference point is known, connect to the RoboDot Wifi with a laptop or cellphone, then navigate to In the status page set the base coordinate.

RoboDot setup
Base point setup

If the coordinate of the reference point is unknown, after the flight, just follow the workflow to correct your image coordinates with the RoboDot Utillity.


Once your aerial equipment is ready to go, connect the drone controller to the RoboDot Wifi, then set up the NTRIP connection on your controller.

Host: or
Mount point: RTCM3_MSM4
User: me
Pass: any

Example NTRIP setup
NTRIP setup in Robota GCS

The drone will show a fixed solution when the NTRIP connection is established, provided the base and drone have a clear view of the sky. Fly the mission, as usual, and images will be taken with cm level precision relative to the base position.

In just a few steps, RoboDot can replace a virtual reference station. Setting up and using the RoboDot as an RTK GNSS base station is easy, accurate, and cost-effective. RoboDot provides reliable corrections when internet base stations are not available. Reach out via our contact form to see if RoboDot is right for your application.

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