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Forestry and Agricultural Drone Survey

Efficiency and Inventory

At Robota, we provide forestry and agricultural drone survey equipment that will change the course of your operations. Our agronomy and forestry measuring equipment consists of groundbreaking technology that will have an impact on industry standards for more efficient, accurate data gathering.


Fixed-wing drones are utilized as agronomy and forestry measurement tools in agriculture to survey large plantations to check inventory and ensure the best crop health, achieving the highest yields.

Aerobots vegetation index


With the world population consuming more agricultural products for food, fuel, and textiles, precision agriculture has never been more critical.  Fixed wing drones are the perfect tool to survey large crop acreage for pests, deficiencies, and damages.  Using multi-spectral drone imagery, multiple layers of vegetation indicies can be generated in order to ensure that crop yields are at a maximum.

Eclipse 2.0

Eclipse 2.0 is a drone photogrammetry UAV device with RTK/PPK capabilities that captures inventory data in forestry applications. Eclipse 2.0 is the only portable fixed wing drone on the market that has a detachable landing skid. Meaning, this component can be used in even the harshest of weather conditions and environments.


Capturing inventory data in forestry applications can certainly be done with UAVs with large area capability.  With drone data, stockholders can more accurately know the amount of timber available by using point cloud data to measure trees per acre as well as the volume of trees in an area.


RoboDot is an innovative GNSS receiver. Whether you’re mapping, measuring, or surveying, there’s never been a more simplistic, user-friendly device to help you get the job done. RoboDot can be interfaced with any device as it connects as a Wi-Fi access point and station. Additionally, RoboDot has data sharing and processing capabilities. 

To learn more and inquire about our forestry and agricultural drone survey equipment, contact us today.

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