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Drone Mapping for Environment Protection

Decision Making and Record Keeping

As a stakeholder, you have a big decision to make about the future of your investment. Whether you’re just starting out in surveying or are a seasoned surveyor searching for practical solutions, our applications can be of use to you.


Our drone photogrammetry for environment protection consists of portable fixed-wing drones to empower stakeholders to make informed decisions during disasters including fires, eruptions, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes.  Photogrammetry drones are also used in reporting waste in landfills and coastlines to ensure protective environment precautions are being taken.

Aerobots Orthophoto of Fuego Disaster

Disaster Relief

After a natural disaster strikes, there are many unknowns, what is the extent of the damage? Could there be survivors? Whose property is in danger? Many of these questions can be answered by drone data to provide a top-down view of the stricken area, allowing leaders to make informed decisions.


Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran when it comes to surveying, RoboDot will greatly impact your decisions when it comes to taking protective environment precautions. RoboDot is a comprehensible GNSS reference station that’s easy to use and operates as a smart ground control point. Additionally, RoboDot possesses connectivity features on any browser-enabled device for your convenience.


Aerial imagery is extremely useful in decision making, monitoring, and reporting in large wildfires.  Aerial photogrammetry drone data gives a bird’s-eye view of the problem, allowing stakeholders to better understand the fire perimeter and progress.  Even once the fire is out, area burnt, and damages can be recorded in orthomosaics.

Eclipse 2.0

Achieve professional photogrammetric mapping with Eclipse 2.0. Eclipse 2.0 is a photogrammetry UAV that can manage through harsh weather conditions and fly for up to six and a half hours at once over significant territories. With its advanced RTK/PPK capabilities, it’s now easier to map your area to begin the land surveying process with Eclipse 2.0.

Waste Management

Waste management requires constant reporting and measurements of quantities, it is also a dangerous area for a surveyor to put himself into.  With drone technology, there is no reason for traditional surveys of landfills to take place.  Using a drone is not only much safer but more accurate than stakeouts on foot.

Contact us today to inquire about our drone photogrammetry for environment protection.

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