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Drone Mapping for Mining and Aggregates

Safe and Productive


Mining operations benefit from photogrammetry drones by providing data collection over large and frequently changing areas in record time compared to traditional methods all while keeping surveyors out of harm’s way. At Robota, we provide simple yet technologically advanced tools and equipment for drone photogrammetry for mining and aggregates.

Water Management

The 3D outputs produced by drone data, including point clouds and digital surface models are extremely powerful in understanding water flows during mining operations.  In order to keep up mine productivity, engineers can use up to date topographical data in order to design adequate drainage basins.

Mining & Aggregates

Professional surveying drones provide accurate topographical data to mine engineers which improves productivity through stockpile management and mine planning. Surveyors no longer need to expose themselves to dangerous slopes and machinery in order to get a few data points.  The mining terrain is constantly changing but this is not a challenge for mining drones.

Reporting & Accounting

Since UAVs can efficiently survey large mine sites, it is practical to obtain large surveys for multiple uses. Besides applying topographical data and orthophotos to mine planning, the same data can be utilized for reporting, whether for accounting or for regulatory applications.


RoboDot is a GNSS reference station receiver that has multi-use capabilities to make precision measuring, mapping, and surveying convenient for mine and aggregate engineers.

Coal Stock Pile By Robota


One of the areas where drone imagery excels is providing up to date and accurate information on stockpiles which is critical to surface mine engineers. Knowing overburden and product levels allows for both reclamation planning and business planning.

Eclipse 2.0

Eclipse 2.0 is a UAV device with RTK/PPK capabilities that provides photogrammetric mapping and surveying. This professional drone for surveying has updated technology and is useful for mining exploration among vast areas of terrain.

Contact us today to inquire about drone photogrammetry for mining and aggregates.

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