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Drone Photogrammetry for Land Surveying and Mapping

Fast and Accurate

Drone land surveying allows professionals to complete projects within a shorter time frame. Photogrammetry drone surveying and mapping requires technological equipment to monitor large areas of land and gather data. Allow Robota to provide you with the applications you need for efficiency and accuracy.


Do more with less.  A surveying and mapping drone provides its return on investment based on how efficiently it can survey large areas of land with a limited crew.  By completing projects in record time, companies are open to exploring new revenue streams.


Geologists apply precise drone data in order to quickly and effectively explore or monitor large sites for potential resources.  There has never been a more cost-effective method of obtaining 3D topography and geological data than with drone photogrammetry for land surveying and mapping.


RoboDot is the GNSS system you need for land surveying and mapping. With RoboDot, readings are more accurate and reliable. Additionally, RoboDot has navigation capabilities and possesses a unique shape that minimizes the length of time it takes to set up.


GIS professionals are leveraging the orthomosaic outputs generated from accurate aerial drone survey imagery in order to quickly document two dimensional locations of neighborhoods, road details, rivers, and lakes into data layers that can be used in analysis and cartographic outputs.

Eclipse 2.0

Eclipse 2.0 is a professional UAV device with RTK/PPK capabilities that scans large areas of terrain and is ideal for topography, geology, planimetrics, and cadastre applications.


Land offices and GIS experts are using drone data for cadastre applications in order to efficiently register properties, obtaining their extent for proper taxation. UAV technology can be applied to new projects or established developments that either need to be updated or have never been registered. 

Contact us today for more information about how drone photogrammetry for land surveying and mapping can better assist you in geology, planimetrics, and cadastre applications.

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