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Accessing RoboDot UI with DJI Drone Controller

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

It's common to use the RoboDot as an RTK GPS base station for use with DJI drones. One of the benefits of the RoboDot GPS Receiver is that it can be controlled without needing special apps or hardware. The RoboDot RTK base station can be controlled with any device that has WIFI and a web browser. That includes iPhone, Android, PC, MAC, and Linux devices.

RoboDot with DJI M300 Controller
DJI M300 Controller displaying RoboDot User Interface.

When flying with DJI drone controllers that have a web browser, first connect the drone controller to the RoboDot's WiFI network, then open the web browser and navigate to URL The RoboDot UI is displayed, from which it is possible to set up and configure the GPS reference station as needed. With the base station set up, the drone controller can connect to RoboDot's NTRIP server/caster for the drone to receive RTCM3 corrections.

RoboDot Status Page Displayed on DJI M300 Controller
RoboDot RTK Base Mode Showing the Status Page on a DJI M300 Controller

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