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Using Network Corrections with RoboDot

The latest RoboDot firmware 2.3 enables support for internet-based Virtual Reference Stations(VRS). Depending on your workflow, it can be convenient to connect VRS to your RoboDot. There are two major ways that a VRS can simplify an aerial survey project.

Pay for a VRS subscription with only one seat. Here's how to save:

The RoboDot quickly connects to the VRS in order to establish its own base point. Once RoboDot has an accurate base point, it becomes a local reference base station for use with common drones. The VRS service will then be available to other surveyors in the field who are using other drones or rovers attached to the VRS. Save thousands of dollars per year by leveraging one subscription to provide corrections for many simultaneous operations.

You can use your RoboDot to get Ground Control Points in real-time.

When an internet connection is available, RoboDot can be used as an RTK Rover to capture coordinates on check shots, ground control points, or any point of interest. In this application, RoboDot real-time functionality applies to photogrammetry and traditional land surveying operations. Of course, if an internet connection isn't available, RoboDot can be used to capture the same points by post-processing observations with respect to any nearby base station.

Contact us to see how RoboDot can improve your surveys while saving money.

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