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Eclipse 2.0 Coming Soon

We are exited to announce that Eclipse 2.0 will be here early 2019.  The updated design aims to give our customers an even better experience while maximizing their ROI.  These updates are the result of years of customer feedback, testing and analysis.  We hope our customers can benefit from:

Longer flight times:

A more efficient motor and the addition of an auxiliary battery packs help keep Eclipse 2.0 in the air longer, which means fewer landings, less wear and more productivity for its users.

Increased durability:

Eclipse 2.0 fuselage consists of a nylon exterior, which is really tough and difficult to break. We expect the new design will reduce maintenance requirements and increase up time and life time for the equipment.

Improved accuracy:

The latest L1/L2 GNSS receiver and antenna has been included in Eclipse 2.0 in combination with systems to record the raw GNSS data for PPK positioning.   These features improve mapping accuracy, which is required for survey grade results.  As a bonus when using the PPK positioning option, customers will benefit from the possibility of beyond line of sight(BVOLS) mapping flights where maintaining an RTK corrections link may be difficult.

We would love to hear how these features could help your business, please contact us.

Does Eclipse 2.0 sound too good to be true? Come see it for your self!

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