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RoboDot Just Got Smarter

The latest RoboDot firmware update adds rover capability. The version number, "2", was chosen to refer to the RoboDot's dual application as a GNSS base station or rover. The new rover mode is unique, in that it does not need radios to communicate with a base station. Precision shots are computed after the measurements are recorded using PPK.

This new approach to getting precise GNSS measurements can simplify the amount of equipment and time needed to survey a site. When surveying in RTK, a rover is required to receive base station data, this is done via a local base station with a radio or over the internet with a virtual reference station (VRS). Both of these options imply additional costs or setup.

With a PPK rover, a surveyor can reference free continuously operating reference stations (CORS) or provide his own reference data. When using CORS, base station setup is not part of a surveyor's workflow.

RoboDot PPK Rover mode allows a surveyor to quickly take ground shots, download the rover's observation data, and run a PPK process against a reference station to provide accurate coordinates.

The benefits of PPK positioning include:

  • No need to own or set up a base station

  • No radio range limitations

  • No network VRS fees

  • Increased precision as satellite orbit data becomes available after the measurement period

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